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The 'Secret' to Cleaning

Posted by Licensed & Insured Cleaners on December 9, 2015 at 3:25 PM


In the world of professional housekeeping, there seems to be one thing that all cleaners have- a secret. A trade secret, to be more exact. Some special cloth, or a homemade cleanser. Maybe they only polish counters with a particular pattern or movement. I've interviewed cleaners that swear by 'spit' shining, an act where the very concept seems to be counter productive to the overall goal.


Secret window solutions seem to be the favorite. I've had employees bring their own mixtures and refuse to disclose it's contents. I've had a cleaner pass me her secret recipe on an old, yellowed script of paper. Most of these secret recipes seem to be similar- some mix of vinegar, alcohol and Dawn dish soap, or just vinegar and Dawn dish soap. Or just Dawn dish soap.


Another popular secret among cleaners seem to be scrubbing powders. Mrs. Meyers, Bar Keepers Friend, Bon Ami and even Zud (all products you can just go and buy at Ace, or Lowes) are often referred to as secret cleaning products. I've had more than a few of my cleaners claim that the best scrubbing powder is a secret formula of Baking Soda and Vinegar, with a little lemon, or Baking Soda and just vinegar. Or just baking soda.


One of the better 'secrets' I've heard as of late is the use of Howards Orange Oil on stainless steel to shine it up. It's something I've actually started doing, and if you apply just the right amount, it looks perfect. Just make sure you don't get over spray on the floor, otherwise it could become a slipping hazard.


The point is, everyone seems to have some secret that helps them get a better result than the competition. So, what's my big cleaning secret?


For me, the biggest secret to cleaning effectively is understanding what form of abrasion to use on what surfaces. If you're looking to remove gunk, grime and dirt from a surface then you need to think about the best way to efficiently separate said filth from the surface its on.


Have you ever used a metal scrubber, such as a chore boy, to clean stubborn sticker glue and other gunk off of window glass? Most people are afraid of scratching their glass so they'd never try it. However its pretty much impossible to scratch glass with metal (unless you're smashing against it with all your weight). The metal scrubber is denser than anything sitting on top of the glass, however not dense enough to scratch the glass- so its going to scrub whatever's on the glass right off. With a tiny bit of elbow grease, you'll find that using a metal scrubber is a faster and less expensive way to remove hardcore gunk off of windows than products like goof off. Its the only way to clean the tint residue off- don't even waste your time with razors.


Cleaning porous surfaces requires bristles that can dig into the holes and scrape the gunk out. Slick tile and porcelain can mostly be scrubbed with nylon brillo pads, with more stubborn marks requiring a scouring stick (just be sure to use a pumice stone that won't scratch- some are denser than others!)



With the right scrubber and knowledge of the surface you're cleaning you can really put together an all instance tool box of scrubbing pads, pumice stones and cleaning brushes. Coupled with the right product, you can clean anything perfectly.

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