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5 Products That Will Help You Avoid Using Cleaning Chemicals

Posted by Licensed & Insured Cleaners on December 21, 2015 at 4:10 AM

There is no denying the harmful effects chemicals can have on the human body, as well as the environment. Not only can they be absorbed directly through your skin and into your bloodstream, but also breathed in through your lungs when you spray liquid concentrates and sprinkle powder cleaning products. Prolonged usage of these types of agents have been known to cause headaches, skin irritations and even cancers. Not to mention the dangerous ripple effect chemicals have once they go down the drain and into our oceans and natural habitats. Especially living on an island where damage is being done every day at an alarming rate. 

Today we will discuss 5 of our favorite products which you can use to avoid these types of chemicals and create safe havens in your home and on the job. 

The doTERRA On Guard Cleaning Concentrate is a product we always have in our caddy. It is non-toxic AND biodegradeable, making it a safe choice all around. Not only is it safe, but it WORKS! This is a multi-purpose cleaning product made using CPTG doTERRA essential oils that eliminates odors, cuts grease, and helps improve the cleaning process. OIls used are Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, leaving behind a freshly cleaned scent that is undeniable. 

Norwex Envirocloths are a product we accidentally stumbled across. Once introduced, purchased and used for cleaning, we knew we had to have more. These amazing microfiber cloths are a perfect cleaning tool for anyone. Using ONLY WATER to clean with, the tiny microfibers inlaid with stainless steel fibers collect and remove dirt, dust and grease from all washable surfaces. Once rinsed off an wrung out, you can hang the cloth to dry and the cloth with self-purify itself, making it ideal for use many times before washing. They are not your average microfiber! Save on money, water usage, space, and time by cleaning with these cloths. Just prepare to rinse them a lot if cleaning large areas and multiple rooms. 

One of the hardest things to do is find a good substitute for bleach. Bleach is an almost irreplaceable item for some cleaners- however we've found a suitable stand in with Ecover Zero. Use it as you would with other bleaches and be amazed at how well it bleaches- for not being bleach! 


This mop system has proven to be a great tool for us. It has a large head which has velcro on the bottom for switching out the two pads it comes with. One dry pad for dusting the floor and collecting hairs, crumbs and dust. The other pad is for wet mopping, again, using ONLY WATER! The pad also uses the same silver self-cleaning fibers, giving you peace of mind knowing your floor is clean and safe. You won't need to wash this mop after every use. Just rinse it off, wring it out and hang the pad to dry. The dry mop pad can be cleaned using a rubber brush. For us, being a cleaning company, we do have to rinse the mop pads often since we use it on large areas and multiple rooms. But, it beats dragging around a heavy bucket full of gross water and chemicals! 

Learn More: Norwex Mop Systems

Ovens can be hellish to clean without the right product- and lets face it, Easy Off is one of the best products you can use. It also seems to be the most dangerous! Don't breathe it in or get it on your skin for crying out loud (unless you like chemical burns). We've found that Turbo Chef Oven Cleaner is the best safe oven cleaner out there. It does a great job and won't melt your lungs. It's made to clean Turbo Chef ovens, however it works on any oven. Give it a try.

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