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Top 5 Most Annoying Messes Made During the Holiday Season

Posted by Licensed & Insured Cleaners on December 18, 2015 at 9:15 PM

With Christmas and New Years closing in, we'll be counting down the top 5 most annoying holiday messes. These messes may be fun to make, but are so annoying to clean up. They are as much of a tradition as they are a pain. 

With all the family gatherings, parties and company get together's, there are bound  to be more than a few beverage spills- but nothing is as annoying as spilling wine. It stains everything it touches, has a powerful smell and can be a major pain to clean up. Horrible on pants, couches, carpets and tile- holiday wine spills can leave your home with more than a few scars. 

The holiday season is about giving. Giving gifts, to be more exact. And each gift comes with wrapping paper, tape and ribbon. If you have children, multiply the wrapping paper and ribbon ten fold. When Christmas morning comes and the present frenzy begins, the last thing children do (and some adults) is look for a trash can to place their paper shredding, ribbon ripping mess into- instead they toss the mess to the floor and reach for another present. All this paper, toy packaging and candy cane wrapping piles up quickly... making it one of the more annoying messes to deal with during the holidays. 

New Years Parties can get crazy. Just the whole concept of confetti in and of its self is a mess. Throw in a bunch of cheap, throw away hats, sprakelers, horns and poppers and you've got your self the start to a nice sized mess. Beer cans and bottles will start to stack up too, and if you've got a New Years Cake, expect to be cleaning up cake crumbs and maybe even some cake vomit. Yum. One plus side is that you may be able to coerce some of the left over guests to help you clean up. Maybe. 

Everyone hates doing dishes, but whats worse than doing every day dishes? Doing the dishes after a Christmas dinner. Not only do you have to spend the better part of your day planning, cooking and presenting a meal for your family, extended family and friends, and even some of their friends, you've got to clean every pot, pan, dish and glas that gets used. Not to mention the silverware and table arrangements. What makes this task especially annoying is that after eating a giant Christmas dinner, you'll be tired and lazy, and thats the worst time to have to clean. 

If you've ever used a real Christmas tree for Christmas, then you know the joys- wonderful, authentic smell... uhhhh.... Thats it. The list of cons far out weighs the pros- its heavy, expensive, kills trees, dirty, sappy and worst of all... it sheds. It sheds more than your cat and dog combined. It sheds all day, all night. It sheds its needles in the living room, on its way out the door, in and on the car and right into the dumpster. Cleaning up Christmas Tree Pines is the most annoying mess that will happen to you this holiday season. 

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